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Extreme Temp Monitoring, Alarm & Control

Extreme Temp Alarm and Remote Control Access

The FIRST & ONLY Sensor with Simultaneous Monitoring of 2 Areas

w/Local & Remote Probes

Computer Server/Record Rooms

Never lose your valuable date…

Computer Server Storage rooms are now common for even small business operations.  Smaller companies often overlook how dependent upon a controlled environment they are. When (not IF) your air conditioning system does fail (they all do), temperature quickly rises to a crippling level in a Server Room.  There is little time to react and save your precious data.

Walk-In Freezers/ Refrigerators

Never lose your perishable inventory…

React to refrigeration failures and save your investment.

Wine Cellars

Stop babysitting your fine wine cellar…

Ensure your wines don’t turn while you are waiting for them to mature.

Vacation Homes (Freeze Warning)

Now that your investments are safe…

Don’t let your vacation become a disaster.

React to freezing temps &/or heating failures to never replace broken pipes again.