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Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

What is a CCTV SYSTEM?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV. When the term was coined it was the only type of camera system available. It meant that the system was typically a group of cameras that was closed or only available locally. For instance the cameras would be placed in a business at the lobby and around the parking lot. There would be personnel that would be stationed where the camera recording device was located. You would be able to view the cameras from the one location. In the old days the recording system was a time lapse VCR that still used tapes. The guards would rotate the tapes on a continuous basis so that the video could be reviewed at a later date if need be.

Fast Forward to the Future – DVR’s and Remote Access and Wireless Cameras

Today the system is anything but a closed system. Now whether you are at home or in your business you can get remote access to your video from anywhere that you have a smart phone or an internet connection. Your video can be saved directly to a hard drive in the DVR. Cameras used to require a physical connection from the camera to the recording device for the video and power for the camera. Now cameras are everywhere and they can be installed with no additional wiring for the video or the power if no local power is available.

DVR – Digital Video recorder

The DVR has replaced the VCR for recording and allows for larger amounts of data to be recorded. Video requires a lot of space and most people want the highest quality video to be recorded and that requires even more. With today’s DVR’s you can change the hard drive size to accommodate the amount of storage that you want. The storage size depends on the quality of the video, how long you want to save the data and the number of cameras that are connected to the system.

Remote Access to video

All DVR’s installed today have the capability to be connected to the internet and accessed remotely. The DVR is connected to your router and the access usually needs to be setup by a professional. Once it is configured you can view your home or business live.

Wireless Cameras

There are many locations that customers want to monitor remotely but the installation of cameras was just too expensive or near impossible. The location was either too far away from where the main viewing area was or there was no power available in close proximity. Now it does not matter. Wireless cameras can be connected with high power access points to transmit the video. The access points or antennas can be located so they are line of site which enhances the quality of the video. If power is not close then a solar panel can be installed very easily. Now you can monitor virtually any location that you want to.

Can Cameras Stop Crime?

The short answer is NO. For that matter neither can an alarm system. Both are used to deter crime. Statistics show us that the installation of a security system can cut crime by 60% just by having one installed. A camera system would just increase that number. If you have video of the thief there are better odds that they can be apprehended and you may get some or all of your processions back. Not to mention that the criminal can be in jail and off the streets to commit another crime.

Some Typical Uses for a Camera System

A camera system installed in your home or a commercial setting can give you a lot of peace of mind. But there are a lot of practical applications to having a cctv system

  • Monitor the kids at home from work
  • Check in on the babysitter
  • See what Fido the dog is doing or chewing
  • Check on your employees – Are they working?
  • Control Employee Theft
  • Monitor far out locations such as a farm or remote building
  • Vets can keep an eye on the overnight patients
  • See who is at the front door – Before Opening!

These are just a few applications available. Ask one of our security professionals to put one of your ideas into practical use.

At CPP alarm and Video we offer several different brands of camera systems depending on the needs of the customer. Speco is one of the industries best but only some of the people that sell and install them are authorized to do so. Make you purchase from an authorized vendor or you will have no warranty.