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Alarm Systems by CPP

Honeywell Alarm Systems

CPP is a local alarm systems contractor that has provided state of the art security systems for over 33 years. Our primary type of alarm system is Honeywell. Honeywell is a highly recognized leader in the alarm industry and has been one of the top manufacturers for some time. We are First Alert Professionals which is a network of security professionals across the USA. First Alert Professionals are a select group of dealers that have been hand picked by Honeywell. The dealers in this network have highly trained personnel available for sales and service of your Honeywell alarm system. The dealer network also provides referrals for when you move into a new area so that you know you are receiving the customer care that you deserve. Almost anyone can install Honeywell products but only a select few are First Alert Professionals.

As a Honeywell installation company we offer wired and wireless alarm systems along with Home Automation Systems. Now you can remotely control you home with:

  • Thermostats
  • Door Locks
  • Light Modules






Videofied Alarm Systems

We also offer Videofied Security Systems which is a video verified alarm system that can integrate with your existing system or be operated as a stand alone alarm system. The Videofied system offers video verification of an alarm condition which means that the system provides a drastic reduction in false alarms and a very high arrest rate by providing a 10 second video to the Central Station so they can verify an actual intruder onsite before dispatch.

Local Police departments are stretched to the limit responding to calls and false alarms compose a large amount of these. Videofied systems have video verification which almost eliminates false alarms and it also allows the police to be more effective. In areas that predominately use Videofied the arrest rates have approached up to 50% as opposed to less than 1% in areas without this type of protection.

You do not have to remove your existing system! Videofied can be integrated with your current system which means you do not lose any of your current protection. Videofied enhances what you currently have.





We also install and service CCTV systems and Intercom systems.