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Alarm System Monitoring

You may have an alarm system that is monitored. But what does this mean exactly? If your alarm system notifies an outside agency then you have alarm system monitoring. There are several different ways that your system may be setup to notify this outside agency which is called a central station. There are three primary ways for your alarm system to contact the central station:

  1. Standard Monitoring -P.O.T.S Line
  2. GSM Monitoring  –  (Global System for Mobile Communications)
  3. V.O.I.P – (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

How does alarm system monitoring actually work?

When your alarm system is activated the system will send an encoded message to the central station. This message is received and decoded. The message contains your personal account information and the type of alarm. The type of alarm could be a burglar zone, fire alarm, panic alarm or a medical emergency. The central station receives this information so they know the correct agency to dispatch.

Most local Police and Sheriff Departments nationwide require ALL alarm companies to follow the same standardized emergency dispatch procedure known as ECV (Enhanced Call Verification).  Standard, Traditional, or Basic Monitoring during an alarm event is relatively similar industry wide – Also, ALL alarm companies rely upon your phone service to transmit alarm signals for this Standard Monitoring Service.  The consistency and quality of customer service and records keeping guaranteeing a FAST Alarm response while following these procedures varies widely between companies.

Standard Monitoring -P.O.T.S Line

This is your traditional alarm system monitoring that utilizes your home phone line. This is the least expensive and also offers no features beyond sending alarm signals to the central station. Very susceptible to burglars cutting the phone line.


GSM Monitoring – (Global System for Mobile Communications)

Your best option for alarm system monitoring. The monthly cost is a bit more expensive but if you are eliminating your home phone line then the cost can actually be less expensive and offers the entire range of home control and automation available.


V.O.I.P – (Voice Over Internet Protocol

There are issues with VOIP so we do not recommend this as an option. This type of communication can be slowed down when the internet is slow and can even throw of the signals that are sent by your alarm panel which can result in a miscommunication of the signals.