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Alarm System Devices

There are a wide variety of alarm system devices that help you to protect and monitor your home and business. The following is a summary of each kind of device:

Security System Panel

The security system panel is the brains of the system. All of the system devices communicate either through wire or wireless.

Security System Keypad

The keypad is the control for the security system panel. This is where the user can initiate control signals to the control panel.

Alarm Door Contact

The door contact is the device that senses when the door is opened or closed. these come in surface or recessed and also wired and wireless.

Alarm Window Contact

The window contact is the device that senses when the door is opened or closed. these come in surface or recessed and also wired and wireless.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor monitors a wider area than just a single opening. They can be purchased with pet immunity so that you can have pets in the home while the system is armed. These are also available in wired and wireless versions.

Beam Detector

These devices are used outside when you are trying to cover a large area. There is a transmitter and a receiver. When the signal is not received the system will cause an alarm.

Glass Break Detector

These devices are built to listen for breaking glass. They are tuned to the frequency of breaking glass. When these devices are used you can monitor large glass areas.

Smoke Detector

Most homes now have a smoke detector. These devices are usually located in the hallway of your home and designed to save lives. When they are triggered they will wake you up so you can evacuate your home. They are not designed to summon the police department so they will not save your property. A smoke detector connected to your alarm system can save your life and also have the authorities notified to help save your home.

Carbon Monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause death and you may not even know you are being exposed. The CO detector that are connected to your alarm system can notify you and the authorities if you have a carbon monoxide issue in your home.


The keyfob is a device that can remotely Arm and Disarm your alarm system. You must be within close proximity but with this device you do not have to enter a code.

Cellular Communicator

The cellular communicator can be an external device that is integrated with your existing alarm system or it can be built into your system if your system is newer. in either case the device utilizes the cell towers to communicate with the central station.